Happy as Larry

Original Broadway Production (1950)

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Cast Highlights

The Doctor
Seamus (A Local Pharmacist)
The Widow
Mrs. Larry
Clotho (Fate)
Lachesis (Fate)
Atropos (Fate)
First Tailor

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Opening: No One Loves Me .... The Second Tailor
  • Without a Stitch .... The Tailors
  • Now and Then .... Larry
  • October .... The Widow
  • Mrs. Larry, Tell Me This .... The Doctor and Mrs. Larry
  • A Cup of Tea .... Larry, Mrs. Larry, Widow, Seamus, Doctor
  • He's With My Johnny .... Widow
  • And So He Died .... The Tailors
  • Three Old Ladies From Hades .... Clotho, Lachesis. Atropos
  • Dance of the Fates .... Seventh Tailor and Fates

Act Two

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  • It's Pleasant and Delightful .... The Doctor
  • The Dirty Dog .... The Tailors
  • The Flatulent Ballad .... Seamus
  • The Loyalist Wife .... Mrs. Larry
  • Oh, Mrs. Larry .... Tailors and Mrs. Larry
  • Give the Doctor the Best in the House ....Tailors
  • The Doctors Dance .... Tailors
  • Double Murder, Double Death .... Fifth Tailor and Widow
  • He's a Bold Rogue .... Mrs. Larry, Widow and Tailors
  • I Remember Her .... Larry
  • The Tobacco Blues .... Widow and Larry
  • Finale .... Larry and Tailors

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Trivia & History

The production was originally to have played two weeks in Boston prior to Broadway but the reviews and the box office in Boston were both so bad that the second week in Boston was canceled and the production came directly to Broadway (perhaps because money was so short that there would be no money left to make the move to Broadway after a second money-losing week in Boston)

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