White Lights

Original Broadway Production (1927)

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Flossie Finch
Danny Miles
Polly Paige
Syd Burke
Teddy Harlow

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Romany Rover .... Girls of the Cabaret
  • Some Other Day .... Danny Miles
  • Tappin' the Toe .... Mazie and Cabaret Girls
  • Specialty (i) .... Ada Winston
  • Specialty (ii) .... Bessie Kademova
  • Deceiving Blue Bird .... Polly and Quartette
  • Specialty (iii) .... J. Alvarez
  • Specialty (iv) .... Florence Parker
  • Don't Throw Me Down .... Flossie Finch
  • White Lights .... Polly, Mercedes and Entire Company
  • Specialty (v) .... Gordon & King
  • Dreaming of You .... Danny Miles

Act Two

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  • Eyeful of You .... Polly, George and Girls
  • Specialty (vi) .... Gordon & King and Polly
  • We Are the Girls in the Chorus .... Specialty Girls
  • Sitting in the Sun .... Polly, Gordon & King
  • Dreaming of You .... Polly and Girls
  • Better Times .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

The song list for the New York run was misprinted.  The songs were listed for the wrong scenes and the reprise of "Dreaming of You" was credited to a character named Sylvia...who didn't appear anywhere in the show. Subsequently, it has been credited to Polly and Girls, which lines up with pre-New York programs.

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