The Count of Luxembourg

Broadway Production (1912)

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Cast Highlights

Count Rene of Luxembourg
Grand Duke Rutzinov
Angèle Didier

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Carnival! Make the Most of the Carnival! (Opening Chorus)
  • Land of Make Believe .... Juliette and Chorus
  • Love Spats .... Juliette and Brissard
  • Make the Most of the Carnival (Entrance of Chorus)
  • Count of Luxembourg, The .... Count Rene
  • Entrance of Chorus and Dance
  • Carnival for Life, A .... Juliette, Brissard and Chorus
  • I Am in Love .... Grand Duke Rutzinov
  • Cousins of the Czar .... Angèle and Grand Duke Rutzinov
  • Finale .... Count Rene, Angèle, Grand Duke Rutzinov, Attendants and Chorus

Act Two

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  • Opening Scene and Dance .... Chorus
  • Hail, Angèle, Our Nightingale (Entrance Chorus) .... Chorus
  • Day Dreams .... Angèle
  • In Society .... Juliette and Brissard
  • Say Not Love is a Dream .... Angèle and Count Rene
  • Rootsie-Pootsie .... Grand Duke Rutzinov and Girls
  • Are You Going to Dance? .... Juliette and Brissard
  • Wedding March, The .... Brissard, Juliette and Chorus
  • Finale

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