The Threepenny Opera

Film Version (1962)

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Cast Highlights

Jenny Diver
J.J. Peachum
Polly Peachum
Tiger Brown
Mrs. Celia Peachum
Beggar Filch
Rev. Kimball

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Ouvertüre
  • Moritat vom Mackie Messer
  • Morgenchoral des Peachum
  • Anstatt daÃ?-Song
  • Kanonen-Song
  • Liebeslied
  • Barbara Song
  • Ballade vom angenehmen Leben
  • Erstes Dreigroschenfinale
  • Seeräuberjenny
  • Balett-Musik
  • Zuhälterballade
  • Ballade von der sexuellen Hörigkeit
  • Eifersuchtsduett
  • Zweites Dreigroschenfinale
  • Lied von der Unzulänglichkeit menschlichen Strebens
  • Drittes Dreigroschenfinale

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Trivia & History

Embassy Films simultaneously filmed this movie in English and German using the original Bertolt Brecht lyrics and several of the same principals.

The original German version is 34 minutes longer than the English version, featuring more songs.

A third version of this same film was released for European theatres and was also shown on U.S. TV.

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  • Home Video (1964)
    Jo Wilder, Martha Schlamme, George S. Irving, Gerte Frobe, Lino Ventura

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