A Little Night Music

Film Version (1977)

Trivia & History

Because the locale was changed from Sweden to Austria, many of the character names were altered accordingly. In some cases, it merely involved different spellings — Fredrik and Fredrika became Frederick and Fredericka — but in other cases the name was different. Henrik became Erich, the Malcolms became the Mittelheims, and Frid became Kurt.

In addition to the other changes that he made in the score, Stephen Sondheim shortened and revised "Liaisons". This new version was recorded by Hermione Gingold, with full orchestra, and it may have been filmed. It was not, however, in the released film and no footage has turned up (if it was indeed filmed).

The film premiered at the Deauville Film Festival in September 1977. The premiere fo the genral public was at Pacific's Picwood in West Los Angeles on December 14 1977. This was a one-week run so that the film could qualify for the Academy Awards for the year 1977. It opened in New York at the Columbia I on March 8, 1978. It opened in Toronto, Boston and San Francisco a bit later in March, and it re-opened in Los Angeles on March 22 at the Music Hall in Beverly Hills. In April, it opened in Washington, D.C.

Filming began in September 1976 and lasted for approximately three months.

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