A Little Night Music

Film Version (1977)

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Cast Highlights

Desiree Armfeldt
Charlotte Mittelheim
Frederick Egerman
Anne Egerman
Madame Armfeldt
Carl-Magnus Mittelheim
Erich Egerman
Fredericka Egerman

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Night Waltz (Love Takes Time) .... Desiree, Charlotte, Anne, Petra, Madame Armfeldt, Fredrika, Henrik, Fredrik, Carl-Magnus
  • The Glamorous Life (film) .... Fredrika
  • Now .... Fredrik
  • Soon .... Anne
  • Later .... Henrik
  • Trio .... Anne, Henrik, Fredrik
  • You Must Meet My Wife .... Fredrik, Desiree
  • Every Day a Little Death .... Charlotte, Anne
  • Night Waltz .... Orchestra
  • A Weekend in the Country .... Petra, Anne, Fredrik, Charlotte, Carl-Magnus, Madame Armfeldt, Henrik
  • It Would Have Been Wonderful .... Fredrik, Carl-Magnus
  • Send in the Clowns .... Desiree
  • Send in the Clowns (Reprise) .... Desiree, Fredrik
  • Night Waltz (Love Takes Time) (Reprise) .... Company

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Trivia & History

Because the locale was changed from Sweden to Austria, many of the character names were altered accordingly. In some cases, it merely involved different spellings — Fredrik and Fredrika became Frederick and Fredericka — but in other cases the name was different. Henrik became Erich, the Malcolms became the Mittelheims, and Frid became Kurt.

In addition to the other changes that he made in the score, Stephen Sondheim shortened and revised "Liaisons". This new version was recorded by Hermione Gingold, with full orchestra, and it may have been filmed. It was not, however, in the released film and no footage has turned up (if it was indeed filmed).

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