The King and I

Film Version (1956)

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Cast Highlights

Anna Leonowens
The King
Lady Thiang
Louis Leonowens
Lun Tha
Prince Chulalongkorn
Sir John Hay
Sir Edward Ramsay

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • March of the Royal Siamese Children (main titles) .... Orchestra
  • I Whistle a Happy Tune .... Anna and Louis
  • Hello, Young Lovers .... Anna
  • March of the Royal Siamese Children .... Children
  • A Puzzlement .... The King
  • Getting to Know You .... Anna, Children & Wives
  • We Kiss in a Shadow .... Tuptim & Lun Tha
  • Something Wonderful .... Lady Thiang
  • Prayer to Buddah .... The King & Wives
  • The Small House of Uncle Thomas Ballet .... Royal Dancers
  • Song of the King .... The King
  • Shall We Dance? .... Anna & The King

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Trivia & History

Marlon Brando was considered for the role of The King. Maureen O'Hara was originally cast as Anna, but Richard Rodgers refused the casting saying, "No pirate queen is going to play my Anna!". Dinah Shore was also considered for Anna. Dorothy Dandridge, the first African American woman to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress (for Carmen Jones), was the original choice for Tuptim, but refused because Tuptim was a slave.

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