Broadway Revival (1973)

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Irene O'Dare
Madame Lucy
Donald Marshall
Emmeline Marshall
Mrs. O'Dare
Ozzie Babson
Helen McFudd
Jane Burke
Clarkson/Ninth Avenue Fella
Jimmy O'Flaherty/Ninth Avenue Fella

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • The World Must Be Bigger Than an Avenue .... Irene
  • The Family Tree .... Mrs. Marshall and Debutantes
  • Alice Blue Gown .... Irene
  • They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me .... Madame Lucy and Debutantes
  • An Irish Girl .... Irene and Company
  • Stepping on Butterflies .... Madame Lucy, Irene, Helen and Jane
  • Mother, Angel, Darling .... Irene and Mrs. O'Dare
  • The Riviera Rage .... Irene and Company

Act Two

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  • The Last Part of Every Party .... Company
  • We're Getting Away with It .... Madame Lucy, Helen, Jane, Ozzie
  • Irene .... Irene and Company
  • The Great Lover Tango .... Donald, Helen and Jane
  • You Made Me Love You .... Irene and Donald
  • You Made Me Love You (Reprise) .... Madame Lucy and Mrs. O'Dare
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

Following the success of No, No, Nanette (1971), Constance Montgomery (widow of librettist James Montgomery) suggested to producer Harry Rigby that Irene would be a good property to revive.

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