In Trousers

Off-Broadway Revival (1979)

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His Wife
His Sweetheart
Miss Goldberg

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  • Marvin's Giddy Seizures
  • How the Body Falls Apart
  • Your Lips and Me
  • How Marvin Eats His Breakfast
  • My High School Sweetheart
  • Set Those Sails
  • My Chance to Survive the Night
  • I Am Wearing a Hat
  • A Breakfast Over Sugar
  • Whizzer Going Down
  • High School Ladies at 5 O'Clock
  • The Rape of Miss Goldberg
  • Nausea Before the Game
  • Love Me for What I Am
  • How America Got Its Name
  • Marvin Takes a Victory Shower
  • Another Sleepless Night
  • In Trousers

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