Du Barry Was a Lady

Film Version (1943)

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Cast Highlights

Louis Blore / King Louis XV
May Daly / Madame DuBarry
Ginny / Lady of the Court
Charlie / Dauphin
May Daly / Madame DuBarry (Singing Voice)
Alec Howe / Black Arrow
Rami the Swami / Taliostro
Mr. Jones / Duc de Choiseul
Willie / Duc de Rigor

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  • Du Barry Was a Lady (Main Title)
  • Do I Love You
  • Du Barry Was a Lady .... MGM Studio Chorus
  • Give Him the Oo-la-la
  • Well Did You Evah? (Nightclub Medley) .... MGM Studio Orchestra
  • Thinking of You
  • Cigarette, Sweet Music and You, A .... The Oxford Boys
  • I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
  • We'll Get It .... Tommy Dorsey
  • Do I Love You .... Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, The Pied Pipers
  • Salome .... Ginny
  • I Love an Esquire Girl .... Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, The Pied Pipers, Louis Blore
  • Friendship
  • Do I Love You
  • But in the Morning, No! .... MGM Studio Orchestra
  • Ladies of the Bath
  • Katie Went to Haiti .... Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, The Pied Piper
  • Madame, I Like Your Crepes Suzette .... Louis Borle
  • Song of Rebellion .... Alec Howe
  • Friendship .... May Daly, Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, Alec Howe, Ginny, Louis Borle

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