Call Me Madam

Film Version (1953)

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Dances and Musical Numbers

Cast Highlights

Mrs. Sally Adams
Cosmo Constantine
Kenneth Gibson
Princess Maria
Pemberton Maxwell
Prince Hugo
Princess Maria (Singing Voice)
August Tantinnin
Prime Minister Sebastian
Grand Duke Otto

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Musical Numbers

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  • The Hostess with the Mostes' on the Ball .... Mrs. Sally Adams
  • Lichtenburg .... Offscreen Chorus
  • Can You Use Any Money Today? .... Mrs. Sally Adams
  • Marrying for Love .... Cosmo Constantine
  • It's a Lovely Day Today .... Kenneth Gibson and Princess Maria
  • International Rag .... Mrs. Sally Adams
  • You're Just in Love .... Mrs. Sally Adams and Kenneth Gibson
  • The Ocarina .... Princess Maria and Chorus
  • What Chance Have I? .... Kenneth Gibson
  • Something to Dance About .... Kenneth Gibson and Princess Maria
  • The Best Thing for You .... Mrs. Sally Adams and Cosmo Constantine
  • You're Just in Love .... Kenneth Gibson and Mrs. Sally Adams
  • Mrs. Sally Adams .... Telephone Operators
  • You're Just in Love
  • Something to Dance About (Finale) .... Mrs. Sally Adams, Kenneth Gibson, Comso Constantine and Princess Maria

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Trivia & History

When the music rights held by 20th Century Fox expired, the film was withdrawn from public view.  During this time, the film was only screened once, with Berlin's permission, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in the 90s.  When the rights were finally renewed, the film was finally available for home viewing.  It was released on DVD in April of 2004.

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