London Production (1968)

Trivia & History

Elizabeth Seal had been announced to succeed Judi Dench as Sally Bowles, but the production closed before Seal took over.

Closed on the same day as the London productions of Man of La Mancha and Sweet Charity. In the edition of Variety dated November 27, 1968, it was reported that the production closed at a loss of at least half of its $240,000 investment. Variety's source for the info was the production's co-producer, Richard Pilbrow.

In that same article, the performance total was given by Variety as having been 13. This was corrected to 316 in the following week's edition. Over the years, the peformance total has sometimes been reported as having been 336, but that definitely seems incorrect given the production's opening and closing dates. Given the opening and closing dates and the performance schedule, 317 would seem more likely to have been correct, but it may be that a performance was canceled at some point. 

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