Ziegfeld Follies of 1927

Original Broadway Production (1927)

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Act One

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  • We Want to Be Glorified .... Female Ensemble
  • Ribbons and Bows .... Irene Delroy
  • Shakin' the Blues Away .... Ruth Elting, the Jazzbow Girls, Albertina Rasch Girls, Banjo Ingenues, Dan Healy
  • Oh, Maybe It's You .... Irene Delroy, Franklyn Baur, Ziegfeld Dancing Girls, Brox Sisters
  • Rainbow of Girls .... Franklyn Baur
  • It All Belongs to Me
  • She Don't Wanna
  • My Blue Heaven
  • You Gotta Have 'It' .... Eddie Cantor
  • It's Up to the Band .... Brox Sisters, Male Ensemble
  • When My Baby Smiles at Me .... Ruth Elting
  • St. Louis Blues .... Irene Delroy
  • Finale .... Company

Act Two

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  • Jimmy .... Ruth Etting, the Ingenues
  • Learn to Sing a Love Song .... Franklyn Baur
  • Ticklin' the Ivories .... Ruth Etting, The Ingenues, Frances Upton, Llora Foster, Dancing Girls At the Pianos: Fairchild and Rainger.
  • The Jungle Jingle .... Brox Sisters, Ostrich Dancers, Albertina Rasch Girls
  • We Want to Be Glorified .... Male Ensemble
  • Cliff Edwards Specialty
  • Finale .... Eddie Cantor, Florenz Ziegfeld and Company

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