What Makes Sammy Run?

Original Broadway Production (1964)

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Cast Highlights

Al Manhaim
Sammy Glick
Julian Blumberg
Rita Rio
Tracy Clark
Shiek Orsini
Sidney Fineman
Kit Sargent
H. L Harrington
Laurette Harrington

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • A New Pair of Shoes .... Sammy, Al, Ensemble
  • You Help Me .... Sammy, Al
  • A Tender Spot .... Kit
  • Lites—Camera—Platitude .... Sammy, Kit, Al
  • My Hometown .... Sammy
  • Monsoon .... Rita, Tracy, Ensemble
  • I See Something .... Laurette, Sammy
  • Maybe Some Other Time .... Kit, Al
  • You Can Trust Me .... Sammy
  • A Room Without Windows .... Kit, Sammy
  • Kiss Me No Kisses .... Kit, Sammy

Act Two

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  • I Feel Humble .... Sammy, Shiek, Ensemble
  • Something to Live For .... Kit
  • Paint a Rainbow .... Rita, Tracy, Ensemble
  • You're No Good .... Laurette, Sammy
  • Reprise: Something to Live For .... Al
  • Reprise: My Hometown .... Sammy
  • The Friendliest Thing .... Laurette
  • Wedding of the Year .... Ensemble
  • Some Days Everything Goes Wrong .... Sammy

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Trivia & History

Some sources say that previews started February 25, 1964, and that there were only three previews, but this is incorrect. The Broadway opening was originally announced for February 4. It was delayed twice: first till February 15, and then till February 27. Instead of opening on February 4, the production started Broadway previews on that date, playing a total of 26.

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