Original Broadway Production (1963)

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Dances and Musical Numbers

Cast Highlights

Admiral Boris Soukhomine
Count Ivan Shamforoff
Natalia Mayovskaya
Helen Davis
George Davis
Charles Davis
Grace Davis

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Nitchevo .... Mikail, Soukhomine, Shamforoff, Marina, Singing and Dancing Ensembles
  • I Go to Bed .... Mikail
  • You'll Make an Elegant Butler (I'll Make an Elegant Maid) .... Tatiana
  • Stuck With Each Other .... Helen, George
  • Say You'll Stay .... Grace, Charles
  • You Love Me .... Tatiana, Mikail
  • Introduction Tango .... Tatiana, Helen, Mikail, George
  • That Face .... Natalia
  • Wilkes-Barre, P. A. .... Tatiana, George
  • No! No! No! .... Helen, Mikail
  • A Small Cartel .... Grace, Charles, Singing Ensemble

Act Two

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  • It Used to Be .... Soukhomine, Shamforoff, Natalia, Vassily
  • Kukla Katusha .... Dancing Ensemble
  • Make a Friend .... Tatiana, Helen, Natalia, Mikail, George, Soukhomine, Shamforoff, Sergei, Ivan
  • The Only One .... Tatiana
  • Uh-Oh! .... Helen, George
  • Managed .... Mikail
  • I Know the Feeling .... Tatiana
  • All for You .... Tatiana, Mikail
  • Grande Polonaise .... Helen, Grace, George, Charles, Dancing Ensemble

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

Star Vivien Leigh won excellent reviews, along with a Tony award, for her performance, but she was going through a difficult time mentally and perhaps physically as well. According to published interviews with cast members, she took a dislike to her co-star, Jean-Pierre Aumont, and she tried to get him replaced. Still, she managed to play the role on Broadway for more than six months before any serious problems occurred.

Then, at the matinee on Saturday, Sept. 28, 1963, just before the production was to shut down for a week before re-opening at another theatre, she seemed to have some kind of breakdown during the performance. She managed to complete it, but she was replaced for the evening performance by her understudy, Joan Copeland (who had subbed for her for seven performances when she'd had a virus in August and perhaps on some other occasions). 

By Sept. 30, Leigh was in a nursing home in London. Her agent told the press that she would return to New York and to the show when it re-opened the following week, but she did not. Joan Copeland subbed from Oct. 7 through Oct. 19, until Eva Gabor was ready to take over. Business, however, was not good with Gabor. The production had received mixed reviews, with only Leigh being praised by almost all the critics, and the public was not interested in the show without Leigh. It closed on Nov. 9.

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