The Sound of Music

Original Broadway Production (1959)

Trivia & History

Mary Martin's designer of choice was Mainbocher. He was brought in at her request to design her costumes, although he ended up not designing all of them. Lucinda Ballard, who designed the costumes worn by everyone else in the production, was credited with designing Martin's postulant costume and her last two costumes.

When Martin left the show, the Mainbocher costumes did too. They were replaced by costumes designed by Ballard. Florence Klotz was Ballard's assistant.

The first preview was Wednesday, November 11. It was a benefit for the New York Chapter of the American Red Cross in Greater New York.

The production was on hiatus from July 25, 1960, though August 6, 1960. Performances resumed on August 8.

The public's interest in seeing this Rodgers and Hermmerstein musical starring Mary Martin was so intense that there were complaints in the Philadelphia press about Rodgers and Hammersteing having consistently chosen to try out their shows in Boston rather than Philadelphia.

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