Simply Heavenly

Original Broadway Production (1957)

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Cast Highlights

Joyce Lane
Bar Pianist
Madam Butler

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Love Is Simply Heavenly .... Joyce
  • Let Me Take You for a Ride .... Zarita, Simple
  • Broken String Blues .... Gitfiddle
  • Did You Ever Hear the Blues? .... Mamie, Melon, Bar Characters
  • I'm Gonna Be John Henry .... Simple

Act Two

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  • When I'm in a Quiet Mood .... Mamie, Melon
  • Look for the Morning Star .... Zarita
  • Let's Ball Awhile .... Zarita and Ensemble
  • The Men in My Life .... Zarita
  • I'm a Good Old Girl .... Mamie
  • Look for the Morning Star .... Ensemble

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Trivia & History

The production originated Off-Broadway at the 85th Street Playhouse. On June 29, 1957, the theatre was shut down for violating regulations of the Fire and License Departments. The production re-opened (with some cast changes and a new set and lighting designer) at the Playhouse, a Broadway theatre, on August 20, 1957.

At first the play did not list any producer or musical director. Shortly into the run, Vincent Cerow and Abel Enklewitz — who were the managing director and general director, respectively, ot the Playhouse — were listed as the producers, and Sticks Evans was added to the playbill as musical director (his name appearing after the list of musical numbers).

The producer of the Off-Broadway production, Stella Holt, was not credited as a producer, but did receive thanks in the playbiill "for her superb co-operation in making this production possible." She seems to have been very involved in the transfer, having announced immediately upon the closing at the 85th Street Playhouse that the production would come back (although, of course, often such announcements are made about a production that does not come back).

The production on Broadway employed eight musicians, who were placed backstage, out of sight of the audience.

After the Broadway run ended, the show again returned Off-Broadway, under the auspices of Stella Holt.

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