Shoestring '57

Original Off-Broadway Production (1956)

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  • For Critics Only
  • Love is a Feeling
  • What's a Show
  • Renoir, Degas, Toulouse-Lautrec
  • Lament on Fifth Avenue
  • Creepy Time Down South (sketch)
  • The Arts
  • I'm Gonna Be Rich
  • Coffee (sketch)
  • The Rochelle Hudson Tango
  • The Trouble with Miss Manderson (sketch)
  • At Twenty Two
  • Don't Say You Like Tchaikowsky
  • Family Trouble
  • Grace Fogerty (sketch)
  • On a Shoestring
  • Always One Day More

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Trivia & History

"The Song of the Queen Bee" was performed opening night and then alternated with "Creepy Time Down South." Some nights both were performed, but finally "The Song of the Queen Bee" was dropped.

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