Original Broadway Production (1986)

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Cast Highlights

Rebecca Hershkowitz
David Hershkowitz
Bella Cohen
Avram Cohen
Anna Cohen
Rachel Halpern
Saul, a union organizer
"Big Tim" Sullivan
Nathan Hershkowitz

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • I Remember .... Homesick Immigrant
  • Greenhorns .... The Americans and New Immigrants
  • Brand New World .... Rebecca and David
  • Children of the Wind .... Rebecca, Avram and David
  • Penny a Tune .... Rachel, Klezmorim, Peddlers and Workers
  • Easy for You .... Saul, Rebecca and David
  • Hard to Be a Prince .... Hamlet and Company
  • Blame It on the Summer Night .... Rebecca with Clarinettist
  • For My Mary .... Irish Tenor and Ben
  • Rags .... Bella and Avram
  • What's Wrong With That? .... Frankie, Mike, "Big Tim" and Nathan
  • On the Fourth Day of July .... Picnickers and Band
  • In America .... Rebecca and Nathan

Act Two

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  • Yankee Boy .... Nathan and Neighbors
  • Uptown .... Nathan and Rebecca
  • Wanting .... Rebecca and Saul
  • Three Sunny Rooms .... Rachel and Avram
  • The Sound of Love .... Ben, David and Shoppers
  • For My Mary (Reprise) .... Bella and Ben
  • Democratic Club Dance .... Rebecca, "Big Tim," Nathan, Mike, Mrs. Sullivan, Democrats and Band
  • Prayer .... Avram, Rebecca and Men
  • Bread and Freedom .... Rosa, Rebecca, Esther and Sam
  • Dancing With the Fools .... Rebecca, Nathan and Strikers
  • Finale .... Rebecca, David, The Americans and New Immigrants

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Trivia & History

On opening night of the pre-Broadway tryout in Boston, standby Christine Andreas played the leading role of Rebecca, replacing Teresa Stratas. Andreas received excellent reviews. Stratas had played most of the previews, and she returned to the production several days after opening night.

When the show reached New York, Andreas was not listed in the playbill. Audrey Lavine was listed as understudy for the role of Rebecca, and there was no separate standby listed. It's not clear if Andreas had left the production or if she had chosen to be unlisted as the standby.

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