Rachael Lily Rosenbloom (and Don't You Ever Forget It!)

Original Broadway Production (1973)

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  • Academy Awards Theme
  • Dear Miss Streisand
  • Delivery Boys' Lament
  • Me and My Perch
  • Gorgeous Lily
  • Get Your Show Rolling
  • Hollywood! Hollywood!
  • East Brooklyn Blues
  • Broadway Rhythm
  • Hollywood Is Dying
  • Broadway I Love You
  • Raymond's Song
  • Seduction Samba
  • Rona, Mona and Me
  • Working for Stella
  • Silver Diamond Rhinestone Glasses
  • Party Sickness
  • Take Me Savage
  • Cobra Woman
  • One Man (Ain't Enough)
  • We'll Be There
  • Foggy Day
  • Overdose
  • Change in Raquel
  • Raquel Gives the Dish
  • Ochos Rios
  • Things
  • Never Lose Your Sense of Humor

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