Pick a Number XV

Original Off-Off-Broadway Production (1965)

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  • Pick a Number XV .... Enumerated by THE COMPANY
  • Good Old Days, The .... Reminisced by LEE BERRY, BILL HINNANT, JOHN KEATTS and ELIZABETH WILSON
  • Checkbooks and All That (sketch) .... Rex Robbins and Liz Sheridan
  • Happiness Is a Bird .... Trilled by LEE BERRY
  • Pop Song .... Sable-stroked by LIZ SHERIDAN, REX ROBBINS and ELIZABETH WILSON
  • Live from New York (sketch)
  • New Menace, The .... A Detergent Ditty by BILL HINNANT
  • Plaza's Going Native, The .... THE COMPANY'S 'Song and Prance'
  • Coney Island .... Extolled by JOHN KEATTS
  • Peyton Place Forever (sketch) .... Rex Robbins, Liz Sheridan, Bill Hinnant, Elizabeth Wilson
  • On the Weekend .... MR. HINNANT
  • New York is a Summer Festival .... Company
  • Love, Here I Am .... Miss BERRY
  • Kicker, The (sketch) .... Elizabeth Wilson and Rex Robbins
  • Almost a Love Song .... Miss WILSON
  • McNamara's Band .... 'Rocked & Reeled' by BILL HINNANT, JOHN KEATTS and REX ROBBINS
  • Signs of the Seasons .... Revealed by LIZ SHERIDAN
  • Wonderland Revisited (sketch) .... THE COMPANY - Through the Looking-Glass, Obliquely
  • Saga of Killer Joe, The .... Folk-lored by REX ROBBINS
  • Societus Manificat: An Oratorio .... Pax Vobiscum - THE COMPANY

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These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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