Out of This World

Original Broadway Production (1950)

Trivia & History

Although George Abbott's name was not on the credits page of the playbill, this note appeared after the end of the song list: "The Messrs. Subber and Ayers gratefully wish to acknowledge the assistance of Mr. George Abbott."

According to a report in Billboard magazine, when the production played its second pre-Broadway tryout engagement, which was in Boston, the city censor's office demanded changes to lines, lyrics, choreography and costumes.

Several examples were given. Among these were:

  • Janet Collins, dancing the role of Night, must have a less revealing costume;
  • that the "positions and actions of girl in 'dove' costume be less suggestive, particularly when she is at right of stage, draped over three men; and
  • the following phrases, identified in the article as "Cole Porter phrases," must be eliminated: "saving my urgings for vestal virgins," "old bag," and "sexual insecurity."

When the show opened on Broadway, Billboard's Broadway reviewer, Bob Francis, wrote that choreographer Hanya Holm's "torrid first act finale in which nymphs and fauns celebrate the union of Jupiter and his mortal inamorata has either been toned down, or else reports of its over-sexiness on the road were grossly exaggerated."

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