On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

Original Broadway Production (1965)

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Dances and Musical Numbers
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Cast Highlights

Dr. Mark Bruckner
Mrs. Hatch
Daisy Gamble
Sir Hubert Insdale
Warren Smith
Edward Moncrief
Dr. Conrad Bruckner
Themistocles Kriakos
Muriel Bunson

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • [Overture .... Orchestra]*
  • Hurry! It's Lovely Up Here .... Daisy Gamble
  • Ring Out the Bells .... The Welleses, Sir Hubert and Servants
  • Tosy and Cosh .... Daisy
  • On a Clear Day You Can See Forever .... Mark Bruckner
  • On the S. S. Bernard Cohn .... Daisy, Muriel, Preston, Millard
  • At the Hellrakers' .... Dance Ensemble
  • Don't Tamper with My Sister .... Sir Edward, Sir Hubert and Ensemble
  • She Wasn't You .... Edward
  • Melinda .... Mark

Act Two

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  • When I'm Being Born Again .... Kriakos
  • What Did I Have That I Don't Have .... Daisy
  • Wait 'Til We're Sixty Five .... Warren and Daisy
  • Come Back to Me .... Mark
  • On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (Reprise) .... Mark

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

Some websites incorrectly report that Linda Lavin and Van Johnson were replacements in the roles of Daisy Gamble/Melinda and Dr. Mark Bruckner. They did star together in a short tour of the show, but neither Lavin nor Johnson was ever in the show on Broadway. 

Lavin was in It's a Bird ... It's a Plane ... It's Superman when On a Clear Day closed. She'd gone into Superman directly from The Mad Show, which had opened in January 1966 and which she'd left very shortly after the opening in order to join Superman. 

All ads that we can find from different points during the On a Clear Day run display Barbara Harris and John Cullum as the stars, including the ABCs in the New York Times on June 11, 1966 (the day of the production's closing). Several days before the closing, there was a small article in the Times stating that Johnson would be starring in a tour of the show. 

Somewhat surprisingly, an article in the Times on June 13, 1966, stated that other commitments would prevent Van Johnson from starring in the tour. Perhaps this explains why the tour in which Johnson and Lavin starred ran only a short time. Another tour, starring Howard Keel and Barbara Lang, was sent out eight months later. 

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