New Girl in Town

Original Broadway Production (1957)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Roll Yer Socks Up .... Seaman, Dancers and Singers
  • Anna Lilla .... Chris
  • Sunshine Girl .... Oscar, Pete and Bartender
  • On the Farm .... Anna
  • Flings .... Marthy, Lily and Pearl
  • It's Good to Be Alive .... Anna
  • Look at 'Er .... Mat
  • It's Good to Be Alive (Reprise) .... Mat
  • Yer My Friend, Ain'tcha? .... Marthy and Chris
  • Did You Close Your Eyes? .... Anna and Mat
  • At the Check Apron Ball .... Dancers and Singers
  • There Ain't No Flies on Me .... Anna, Harvey Hohnecker (dancer), Harvey Jung (dancer), Pete, Dale Moreda (dancer) and Company

Act Two

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  • Ven I Valse .... Anna, Chris, Dancers and Singers
  • Sunshine Girl (Reprise) .... Dancers and Singers
  • If That Was Love .... Anna
  • Ballet .... Anna, Masher and Dancers
  • Chess and Checkers .... Marthy, Dancers and Singers
  • Look at 'Er (Reprise) .... Mat

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

The production was originally scheduled to open on Broadway on May 9, 1857, but during the pre-Broadway tryout the opening was delayed till May 14, with performances that had been expected to be post-opening performances instead becoming previews.
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