Music in the Air

Original Broadway Production (1932)

Trivia & History

A labor dispute between management and the musicians' and stagehands' unions caused the production to suspend performances starting on March 14, 1933. The production, which had been running at the Alvin Theatre, reopened on March 31 at the 44th Street Theatre after the dispute had been settled. During the layoff, Katherine Carrington, who had opened the run as Sieglinde and was still playing the role when the layoff started, went abroad. Her understudy, Ann Barrie, took over for the reopening. On April 6, she was replaced by the better-known Bettina Hall. For unknown reasons, Bettina Hall was then replaced by Ann Barrie a week later.

Sometimes incorrectly described as a failure or a disappointment, Music in the Air was (by a good distance) the longest-running musical of the season and a major success.

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