Original Broadway Production (1973)

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Cast Highlights

Mrs. Sullivan
Belle Seidenschneer
Uncle David
Stella Hazelcorn
Michael Stone
Cousin Simon

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • [Overture .... Orchestra}
  • There's a New Deal on the Way .... Angelina and Company
  • If Everyone Got What They Wanted .... Molly and Company
  • A Piece of the Rainbow .... Molly
  • Cahoots .... Michael and Molly
  • Sullivan's Got a Job .... The Company
  • In Your Eyes .... Sammy
  • Cahoots (reprise) .... Belle and Molly
  • High Class Ladies and Elegant Gentlemen .... Michael, Stella, and the Goldbergs
  • So I'll Tell Him .... Molly
  • Appointments .... Uncle David
  • There's Gold on the Trees .... Jake, Molly, and Company

Act Two

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  • [Entr'acte .... Orchestra]
  • The Mandarin Palace on the Grand Concourse .... The Company
  • I Want to Share It With You .... Michael, Stella, and Company
  • In Your Eyes (reprise) .... Sammy
  • I Was There .... Molly and Jake
  • Oak Leaf Memorial Park .... Molly
  • If Everyone Got What They Wanted (reprise) .... Uncle David and Rosalie
  • I See a Man .... Molly
  • The Tremont Avenue Cruisewear Fashion Show .... The Company
  • I've Got a Molly .... Jake
  • Go in the Best of Health .... Molly

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Trivia & History

By the start of Broadway previews, Murray Schisgal had agreed to provide revisions to the book, and Grover Dale had replaced Bert Michaels as choreographer.

Variety reported that Michael Bennett, Morton Da Costa and Burt Shevelove had all been approached to take over as director, replacing Paul Aaron, but the producers were unable to reach an agreement with any of them. During the first week of Broadway previews, Alan Arkin agreed to take over.

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