Milk and Honey

Original Broadway Production (1961)

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Cast Highlights

Shepherd Boy
Clara Weiss
Mrs. Segal
Mrs. Perlman
Barbara (Phil's Daughter)
David (Barbara's Husband)

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Shepherd's Song .... Shepherd Boy, Phil
  • Shalom .... Phil, Ruth
  • Independence Day Hora .... Company
  • Milk and Honey .... David, Adi, Company
  • There's No Reason in the World .... Phil
  • Chin Up, Ladies .... Mrs. Weiss, Widows
  • That Was Yesterday ... Ruth, Phil, Adi, Company
  • Let's Not Waste a Moment .... Phil
  • The Wedding .... Ruth, Phil, Company

Act Two

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  • Like a Young Man .... Phil
  • I Will Follow You .... David
  • Hymn to Hymie .... Mrs. Weiss
  • There's No Reason in the World (Reprise) .... Ruth
  • Milk and Honey (Reprise) .... Adi, Company
  • As Simple As That .... Ruth, Phil
  • Shalom (Reprise) .... Ruth, Phil, Company

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Trivia & History

In September 1962, Molly Picon took a 10-week leave of absence to make the film Come Blow Your Horn. She was replaced by Hermione Gingold, who took over on September 4, 1962. Gingold continued in the role through November 10, after which Picon returned.

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