The Merry Widow

London Revival (1958)

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  • Pontevedro in Paris
  • Ballroom Music
  • A Highly Respectable Wife
  • Gentlemen, No More!
  • I'm Off to Chez Maxime
  • All's One to All Men Where There's Gold
  • Ladies' Choice
  • Come Away to the Ball
  • Mi velimo dase
  • Vilia-Song
  • Jogging in a One-Horse Gig
  • You're Back Where You First Began
  • A Lady's Fan
  • Dear Friend, Be Calm!
  • Red as a Rose in Maytime
  • Look Where a Leafy Bower Lies
  • I Wonder What It Is They Want
  • Oh, How Splendid, Tral-la-la-la-la-la
  • There Once Were Two Royal Children
  • The Cakewalk
  • Eh, Voila Les Belles Grisettes
  • Love Unspoken
  • You're Back Where You First Began (finale)

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