The Megilla of Itzik Manger

Original Broadway Production (1968)

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Cast Highlights

Interlocutor, Fastrigosso, Fanfosso and other assorted characters
Ahasueras, Mordechai, etc., etc.
Vashti, Zeresh, Innkeeper and Various Mothers
Haman, Tailor, Fanfosso's Daughter and different Jews
Esther, Tailor's Apprentice, First Girl, Second Girl and other girls
Second Interlocutor, Vayzatha and characters of assorted sexes

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • The Tailor's Megilla
  • Theme of the Megilla
  • Oom Pa Pa Pa
  • Vashti's Farewell
  • Song of the Walnut Tree
  • Fastrigosso's Lament
  • Song of the Rain
  • Song of the Golden Peacock
  • Fly, Little Bird
  • Gevald Aria, The
  • The Tailor's Drinking Song
  • S'a Mechaye
  • The Tailor's Song
  • Revolutionary Song
  • A Mother's Tears
  • Cause Uncle Mordechai Is So Smart
  • Chiribim
  • Lechaim

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Trivia & History

The production was here from Israel as a limited engagement. Originally scheduled to run through December 8, 1968, good reviews led to an announcement of an extension through January 5, 1969, but it ended up running only till December 15, just one week past the originally announced closing date. It then toured and it came back for another limited run in April 1969.

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