Original Broadway Production (1966)

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Cast Highlights

Mame Dennis...
Vera Charles...
Agnes Gooch...
Patrick Dennis, Age 10...
Beauregard Jackson Picket Burnside...
Patrick Dennis, age 19-29...
Ralph Devine...
M. Lindsay Woolsey...

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Musical Numbers

  • Act One

  • St. Bridget .... Agnes and Patrick
  • It's Today .... Mame and All
  • Open a New Window .... Mame and All
  • The Man in the Moon .... Vera, Mame and All
  • My Best Girl .... Patrick and Mame
  • We Need a Little Christmas .... Mame, Patrick, Agnes, Ito, Beau
  • The Fox Hunt .... Uncle Jeff, Patrick, Cousin Fan, Mother Burnside and Cousins
  • Mame .... Beau and All

  • Act Two

  • The Letter .... Patrick
  • My Best Girl (Reprise) .... Patrick
  • Bosom Buddies .... Mame and Vera
  • Gooch's Song .... Agnes
  • That's How Young I Feel .... Mame and All
  • If He Walked into My Life .... Mame
  • It's Today (Reprise) .... Mame and All
  • My Best Girl (Reprise) .... Patrick
  • Open a New Window (Reprise) .... Mame

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

During the Philadelphia tryout, Frankie Michaels played both Young Patrick and Patrick's son, then named Michael.  This was changed when they reached Boston.

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Production Info

PREVIEWS: May 18, 1966 (5 prev.)
OPENING: May 24, 1966
CLOSING: January 3, 1970
LENGTH OF RUN: 1508 perf.
RUN TYPE: Open-ended

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MARKET: Broadway


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