The Little Dog Laughed

Closed on the road (1940)

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Hilda Pennypacker
Max Milch
The Sad Man
Lucy Pennypacker
Emile Pennypacker
Latin Dancer
The Witch
Professor X

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  • I Want Romance
  • You're Your Hiness
  • A Bunch of Cows
  • I'm a King
  • Court Dance
  • Beware the Dragon
  • Dragon Dance
  • Hail Number One
  • I'll Be a Hero Too!
  • Happily Every After
  • I'm Cynical
  • Some Things a Man Must Have
  • I Have a Song
  • Easy Does It
  • The Fairy Tales Are All Untrue
  • A Friend of Mine, a Hero
  • Of the People Stomp
  • Redheads

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Trivia & History

Financed by DuPont heiress Louisa Carpenter to showcase her protegée, Mili Monti (who starred). However, conductor Lehman Engel called her "a nightclub singer of infinitesimal talent".

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