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Original Broadway Production (1953)

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Early in the run, three cast members left the production, which opened on December 10, 1953.

First to leave was Harry Mimmo, an eccentric dancer and comedian who had a number in the second act (and was also in the opening number). Mimmo left the production at the end of the first week of the run. The spot in which his number appeared in the second act was not replaced in any way. There was simply one less number in the second act. On Monday, December 14, it was mentioned in the New York Times that he had left the production because "he wasn't happy with his chores" in the show.

Next to leave was Kay Medford, who appeared in three sketches. Medford left to appear in a new play, Lullaby, that was to star Mary Boland. That Medford would be appearing in Lullaby was also mentioned in the New York Times on December 14. Medford seems not to have left immediately as the play was scheduled (at that time) to open on January 27, 1954. (It actually opened on February 3.) But by the end of December or early January, Medford was gone. She was replaced in two of her roles by Alice Pearce. In one of the sketches in which Medord appeared, the other woman in the sketch, Colleen Hutchins, took over Medford's role, and Pearce took over Hutchins's role. At some point in the run, Pearce also became the understudy for Hermione Gingold. (She also got much better billing than Medford had received.)

Third to leave was Polly Bergen, who had the most prominent billing of these three performers who left early in the run. On Thursday, January 14, it was reported in the New York Times that Bergen was taking time off from the production to "rest a strained throat," and that Celia Lipton (another cast member) would be replacing her. It's not clear from the article if Bergen had already left, but it seems likely that she had. Bergen never returned to the production.

At some point in the run (perhaps when it became clear that Bergen was not likely to return), one of the solos that Bergen had originally sung, "My Love Is a Wanderer," was cut.

Tony Bavaar joined the cast on February 8, 1954. At some point (possibly starting with his first performance), a new number featuring Bavaar, "Anema e Core," was added to the production, perhaps to compensate for the cutting of "My Love Is a Wanderer."

A singer named Judy Lynn also joined the cast at some point and was given some of Bergen's material. Two of Bergen's solos, "I Dare to Dream" and "The Earth and the Sky," became duets for Bavaar and Lynn. Lynn also performed "Fini," another song originally performed by Bergen.

Bavaar eventually had still more to do in the production when Harry Belafonte left the production at the end of May. Starting on May 31, Bavaar took over at least some, perhaps all, of Belafonte's numbers.

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