If the Shoe Fits

Original Broadway Production (1946)

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Director (book)
Choreography (tap)
Production Supervisor

Cast Highlights

Mistress Sprat
Delilah, her daughter
Thais, her daughter
Lady Eve
Prince Charming
Widow Willow

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Prologue .... Town Crier
  • Start the Ball Rollin' .... Broderick and Corps de Ballet
  • I Wish .... Cinderella
  • Start the Ball Rollin' (Reprise) .... Mistress Sprat, Delilah and Thais
  • I Wish (Reprise) .... Cinderella
  • In the Morning .... Lady Eve
  • Come and Bring Your Instruments .... Three Troubadors and Their Arranger
  • Night After Night .... Sung by Lady Guinevere, Danced by Kate and Corps de Ballet
  • Every Eve .... Prince Charming and King Kindly
  • With a Wave of My Wand .... Sung by Lady Eve and Cinderella; Danced by Corps de Ballet
  • Am I a Man or a Mouse? .... Herman
  • I Am Not Myself Tonight (A) .... Cinderella and Prince Charming
  • I'm Not Myself Tonight (B) .... Kate and Broderick
  • I'm Not Myself Tonight (C) .... Lady Eve
  • Three Questions .... Sung by Lady Eve, Cinderella and The Wizard; Danced by Kate and Court Dancer

Act Two

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  • If the Shoe Fits .... Wizard and Citizens
  • I Wish (Reprise) .... Prince Charming
  • In the Morning (Reprise) .... Lady Eve, Herman and Cinderella
  • What's the Younger Generation Coming To? .... King Kindly and Chorus
  • Have You Seen the Countess Cindy? .... Prince Charming and Citizens
  • This Is the End of the Story .... Cinderella
  • I Took Another Look .... Kate and Broderick
  • I Want to Go Back to the Bottom of the Garden .... Lady Eve
  • This Is the End of the Story (Reprise) .... Prince Charming and Broderick
  • My Business Man .... Widow Willow
  • Finale .... The Entire Company

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