I Had a Ball

Original Broadway Production (1964)

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Dances and Musical Numbers

Cast Highlights

Stan the Shpieler
Ma Maloney <i>(The Alley Gang)</i>
Gimlet <i>(The Alley Gang)</i>
Joe The Muzzler <i>(The Alley Gang)</i>
George Osaka <i>(The Alley Gang)</i>

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Coney Island, U.S.A. .... Joe, Ma, Osaka, Gimlet, Coney Characters, Tourists, Children
  • The Other Half of Me .... Stan
  • Red-Blooded American Boy .... Books and the Alley Gang
  • I Got Everything I Want .... Jeannie
  • Dr. Freud .... Garside
  • Think Beautiful .... Ma, Jeannie, Joe, Osaka, Gimlet, Ensemble
  • Addie's At It Again .... Addie, Joe, Osaka, Gimlet
  • Faith .... Stan, the Alley Gang, Children, Ensemble
  • Can It Be Possible? .... Stan, Jeannie, Brooks, Addie, Garside

Act Two

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  • The Neighborhood Song .... Ma, Alley Gang and Coney Characters
  • The Affluent Society .... Stan and Brooks
  • Boys, Boys, Boys .... Addie and Lifeguards
  • Fickle Finger of Fate .... Stan
  • I Had a Ball .... Jeannie, Alley Gang, Morocco and Coney Characters
  • Almost .... Jeannie
  • You Deserve Me .... Garside, Brooks and Addie
  • You Deserve Me (Reprise) .... Garside
  • Tunnel of Love Chase .... Garside, Stan, Jeannie, Millhauser and Ensemble

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Trivia & History

During the run of the show, they eventually inserted a sight gag at during the "Tunnel of Love" sequence.  Instead of coming out of the tunnel in Richard Kiley's arms, Karen Morrow would have a different celebrity guest with her on a nightly basis.  The celebrities included such illustrious people as Sammy Davis, Jr. and Joey Bishop. This bit of "stunt casting" did actually boost the box office.

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