The Grass Harp

Original Broadway Production (1971)

Trivia & History

During the pre-Broadway run in Ann Arbor, "Floozies" was the second musical number, and "This One Day" was placed after "I'll Always Be in Love" (aka "Chain of Love")..

At the first preview on Broadway, the placement of the two numbers was reversed: "This One Day" was moved up to become the second musical number, and "Floozies" was placed after "I'll Always Be in Love." 

Before opening night on Broadway, the numbers were switched back to where they had been in Ann Arbor. According to some who saw the production during previews, this change was in place by the third preview. The playbill's list of musical numbers, however, was never adjusted to reflect the change made during previews.

In our list of musical numbers for the production, we have adjusted the placements of the two songs to reflect the order in which they were performed on opening night and during the brief post-opening run.

An audio recording of the closing performance confirms that the playbill's ordering of the two songs was no longer correct.

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