Gentlemen, Be Seated!

New York City Opera Production (1963)

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Mister Interlocutor
Mister Tambo
Mister Bones
Contralto Soloist
Johnny Reb
Billy Yank
Southern Girl
Northern Girl
Character Actor

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Grand March
  • In the Sunny Old South
  • The Freedom Train
  • Waltzing in the Shadow
  • Fare You Well
  • Why Ain't We Got a Dome?
  • Tap Dance Drill
  • O, the Picnic at Manassas
  • Mocking Bird
  • Shiloh
  • The Ballad of Belle Boyd
  • Belle Boyd's Back in Town
  • I Spy
  • It's the Witching Hour by the Old Water Tower
  • I'm a Pinkerton Man
  • Belle Boyd, Where Have You Been?
  • Pardon Ma'am
  • Look Who I Am, Surprise! Surprise!
  • This Isn't a Gentleman's War Anymore
  • 'Mancipation
  • The Contraband Ball

Act Two

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  • O, Miss Walkaround, Come Walking Out with Me
  • It's Quiet on the Potomac Tonight
  • Ballad of Stonewall Jackson, The
  • Mr. Brady Takes a Photograph
  • I'm Mathew P. Brady, the Camera Man
  • Miss Dorothea Dix
  • I Can't Remember
  • From Atlanta to the Sea
  • What Has Become of Beauty?
  • Have You Seen Him, Did He Pass This Way?
  • That Was the War, What Did It Do for Me and You?...

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