Original Broadway Production (1971)

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Cast Highlights

Sally Durant Plummer
Young Sally
Hattie Walker
Carlotta Campion
Phyllis Rogers Stone
Benjamin Stone
Young Phyllis
Young Ben
Buddy Plummer
Young Buddy

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Beautiful Girls .... Roscoe and Company
  • Don't Look at Me .... Sally, Ben
  • Waiting for the Girls Upstairs .... Buddy, Ben, Phyllis, Sally, Young Buddy, Young Ben, Young Phyllis, Young Sally
  • Rain on the Roof .... The Whitmans
  • Ah, Paris! .... Solange
  • Broadway Baby .... Hattie
  • The Road You Didn't Take .... Ben
  • Bolero d'Amour .... Vincent and Vanessa
  • In Buddy's Eyes .... Sally
  • Who's That Woman? .... Stella and Company
  • I'm Still Here .... Carlotta
  • Too Many Mornings .... Ben, Sally
  • The Right Girl .... Buddy
  • One More Kiss .... Heidi, Young Heidi
  • Could I Leave You? .... Phyllis
  • The Folly of Love: Loveland .... The Ensemble
  • The Folly of Youth: You're Gonna Love Tomorrow .... Young Phyllis and Young Ben
  • The Folly of Youth: Love Will See Us Through .... Young Sally and Young Buddy
  • Buddy's Folly: The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues .... Mr. Buddy Plummer (With the assistance of Miss Suzanne Rogers and Miss Rita O'Connor)
  • Sally's Folly: Losing My Mind .... Mrs. Sally Durant Plummer
  • Phyllis's Folly: The Story of Lucy and Jessie .... Mrs. Phyllis Rogers Stone (Danced by Mrs. Stone and The Dancing Ensemble)
  • Ben's Folly: Live, Laugh, Love .... Sung by Mr. Benjamin Stone (Danced by Mr. Stone and The Dancing Ensemble)

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

These song lists document any changes that the production went through aside from the opening night song list.

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Trivia & History

There were several changes to roles throughout the tryout and Broadway run:

  • When the production played its pre-Broadway run in Boston, the character played by Ethel Barrymore Colt was listed in the playbill as Christine Donovan. That name may have been in playbills during early previews on Broadway, which may explain why some sources (including the published script) list the character name as Christine Donovan, but the name was definitely changed to Christine Crane by opening night. 
  • The character played by Sonja Levkova — Sandra Donovan — is not listed at all in the published script\'s cast list, nor is the character played by Peter Walker (Chet Richards), but all the Broadway playbills we have found list both of them by those character names. In addition, both performers are given those character names in the cast list that accompanied Clive Barnes's opening-night review in The New York Times. In the published script, Levkova and Walker are listed among "Singers, Dancers." 
  • The character Deedee West — played by Helon Blount — seems to have been dropped from the show altogether shortly into the run. Blount was listed in early Broadway playbills and the Boston playbill as the understudy for three characters — Christine Crane, Hattie Walker, and Stella Deems. She seems to have stayed on as an unlisted understudy.

Other changes to roles in Boston:

  • During the pre-Broadway run in Boston, we see different character names for some characters, some of which appear to establish specific relationships. No Major-Domo character is listed in Boston, but Dick Latessa, who would play the role on Broadway, is listed as Terry Donovan. This was when Christine Crane was listed as Christine Donovan (Ethel Barrymore Colt) so he presumably played her husband.
  • Sonja Levkova was listed as Sandra Wheeler rather than Sandra Donovan, suggesting that she played Willy Wheeler\'s wife (who must also have been a former chorus girl).
  • Several other characters who were listed in the Boston playbill disappeared by Broadway, including Roscoe's Daughter (played by Suzanne Rogers) and Francesca played by Victoria Mallory (who was also listed as Young Heidi in the Boston playbill). On Broadway, when Roscoe kissed Suzanne Rogers before starting to sing "Beautiful Girls," it seemed as if she might have been his much younger girlfriend or wife rather than his daughter.
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