Early to Bed

Original Broadway Production (1943)

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Lily Ann
Madame Rowena
El Magnifico

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • A Girl Who Doesn't Ripple When She Bends .... Jessica, Minerva, Caddy & Girls
  • There's a Man in My Life .... Madame Rowena
  • Me and My Old World Charm .... El Magnifico
  • Supple Couple .... Jessica, Lily Ann, Pooch & El Magnifico
  • Slightly Less Than Wonderful .... Lois & Pablo
  • Slightly Less Than Wonderful (reprise) .... Lily Ann, Pooch, Caddy, Gardener & Gendarme
  • This is So Nice (It Must Be Illegal) .... Madame Rowena & El Magnifico
  • Hi-De-Ho-High .... Pooch, Lily Ann, Caddy, Gardener, Gendarme, Naomi, Charles & Ensemble
  • The Ladies Who Sing with the Band .... Jessica, Madame Rowena, Eileen & Lois
  • There's Yes in the Air .... El Magnifico, Jessica, Eileen, Lois, Pablo, Burt, Charlotte, Minerva & Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Get Away, Young Man .... Eileen, Junior, Charles, Wilbur & Ensemble
  • Long Time No Song .... El Magnifico & Madame Rowena
  • Early to Bed .... Jessica, Lois, Pablo, Burt, Charlotte, Caddy & Ensemble
  • There's a Man in My Life (reprise) .... Madame Rowena
  • When the Nylons Bloom Again .... Pooch & Lily Ann
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

It had been announced that the pre-Broadway tryout would start on May 20, 1943, at the Shubert in New Haven, where a three-day run through May 22 was planned, and that the production would then move to the Shubert in Boston and open there on Monday, May 24. (A pre-Broadway tryout starting with a split-week at the Shubert in New Haven was common at the time.) But the New Haven run was canceled, and the tryout started in Boston on May 24.

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