Original Off-Broadway Production (1984)

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  • Winter in New York
  • Batting Order (sketch)
  • In the Cards
  • Favorite Sons
  • Warner Wolf (monologue)
  • Song for a Pinch Hitter
  • Vendors
  • Fanatics (sketch)
  • What You'd Call a Dream
  • Ka-si Atta Bat (sketch)
  • Ballparks of the Gods (monologue)
  • Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  • Dodger Game, The (sketch)
  • He Threw Out the Ball
  • Hundreds of Hats
  • Nineteen-nineteen
  • P.A. Announcement (sketch)
  • Let's Play Ball
  • Psyched Out (sketch)
  • Vendors (ii)
  • Five Ives (monologue)
  • Boys of Summer, The
  • Song for a Hunter College Graduate
  • Who's on First? (sketch)
  • Stay in Your Own Back Yard (monologue)
  • Stay in Your Own Back Yard
  • Chief Surgeon (sketch)
  • Ka-razy
  • Famous People Quotes
  • Diamonds Are Forever

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