Destry Rides Again

Original Broadway Production (1959)

Trivia & History

On May 28, 1959, a curtain caught fire and Dolores Gray entertained the audience while firemen put it out.

On opening night, the only standby or understudy listed in the playbill was Libi Staiger for the role of Frenchy. Staiger’s credit would only have been noticed by people who scoured their playbills. After the bios, on the page with “Staff for David Merrick,” “Staff for ‘Destry Rides Again,” and various other additional credits, her standby assignment was mentioned: “In the event of Miss Gray’s absence, the part of Frenchy will be played by Miss Libi Staiger.”

As the run went on, understudies were listed for other roles. The listings followed the list of musical numbers (the usual place at the time for most Broadway musicals). The same wording quoted above was used for Staiger, and it appeared above the list of understudies for other roles.

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