The Crystal Heart

Original London Production (1957)

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Cast Highlights

Jeremy John
Wellington Marchmount
Mistress Phoebe Ricketts
Miss Louisa Hatfield
Alexandra Crowley

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  • A Year Is a Day
  • The Anchor's Down
  • Yes, Aunt
  • A Girl with a Ribbon
  • I Wanted to See the World
  • Hilltop Dance
  • A Monkey When He Loves
  • How Strange the Silence
  • Desperate
  • Lovely Island
  • Pretty Little Bluebird
  • Handsome Husbands
  • Agnes and Me
  • Madam, I Beg You
  • My Heart Won't Learn
  • When I Dance with My Love
  • Lovely Bridesmaids
  • It's So British
  • It Took Them

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Trivia & History

Reports in the press stated that the show would be produced on Broadway with Gladys Cooper following the London run, possibly as soon as the 1957-1958 season. After the exceptionally negative reception accorded the London production, the Broadway plans were scrapped by producers Lyn Austin, Roger L. Stevens, and Thomas Noyes. The show did not reach New York until February 1960 (three years after the London production), when it was produced Off-Broadway, with none of the original producing team involved.

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