Closed prior to Broadway (1982)

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Henri de Jouvenal
Colette de Jouvenal
Madame Semiramis

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • There's Another World .... Colette and Ensemble
  • Come to Life .... Willy and Ensemble
  • Do Not Hold On .... Sido
  • Semiramis .... Jacques, Girls, and Ensemble
  • Do It for Willy .... Willy and Ensemble
  • The Claudine Sequence: Claudine .... Colette and Ensemble
  • The Claudine Sequence: Two Claudines .... Colette and the Claudine Girls
  • The Claudine Sequence: The Father of Claudine .... Willy, Colette, the Claudine Girls, and Ensemble
  • Why Can't I Walk Through That Door? .... Colette
  • Music Hall .... Jacques, Colette, and Performers
  • Dream of Egypt .... Colette and Jacques
  • I Miss You .... Sido
  • La Vagabonde .... Colette, Missy, and Women
  • Music Hall Scandal .... Colette and Missy
  • Act One Ending [Now I Must Walk Through That Door] .... Colette

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • Act Two Opening .... Colette and Journalists
  • Curiosity .... Sido
  • I Miss You .... Colette
  • Riviera Nights .... Jacques, Maurice, Colette, and Ensemble
  • Oo-La-La .... Maurice and Colette
  • Something for the Summer .... Colette, Maurice, and Ensemble
  • Something for the Winter .... Colette, Maurice, and Ensemble
  • Madame Colette .... Ensemble
  • Be My Lady .... Maurice
  • Do Not Hold On (reprise) .... Sido
  • The Room Is Filled With You .... Colette
  • Victory .... Colette, Maurice, and Ensemble
  • Growing Older .... Colette
  • Joy .... Colette and Ensemble

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Trivia & History

A long tryout tour had been scheduled. It would open in Seattle in February, move from there to Denver, then to San Francisco, Loa Angelea and Washington, D.C., before opening on Broadway in the fall of 1982.

But the production shut down after its runs in Seattle and Denver. At first, it was announced that only the run in San Francisco would be canceled. The revised plan that was originally announced was that a new director would be hired and the company would return to New York to rehearse a revised version under a new director, and then performances would start again in Los Angeles on May 5 (the originally scheduled date). But by the end of the Denver run, it was announced that the production would shut down completely, although the scenery and costumes would be stored for a possible future production.

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