The Club

Original Off-Broadway Production (1976)

Trivia & History

The production was originally announced to open on October 7, 1976, but during previews it was decided to delay the opening by a week to October 14.

For most of the run of this production, the programs did not have a conventional list of musical numbers. Some programs from early in the run did have a conventional list of musical numbers. Those programs may have been from previews. Since the programs were not dated, it is hard to be positive. (The only way to discern a general date is from the lists of upcoming productions at the uptown Circle in the Square.)

There was, however, a listing of the songs heard in the show, along with the authors of each song. This was placed on the next-to-last page of the program, somewhat buried on the page with the staff credits. That is the source for our list of musical numbers on this page.


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