Bye Bye Birdie

Original Broadway Production (1960)

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Cast Highlights

Rose Grant
Albert Peterson
Mr. MacAfee
Kim MacAfee
Conrad Birdie
Mae Peterson
Hugo Peabody
Mrs. MacAfee
Randolph MacAfee
Ursula Merkle

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • An English Teacher .... Rose with Albert
  • The Telephone Hour .... Sweet Apple Kids
  • How Lovely to Be a Woman .... Kim
  • We Love You Conrad! .... Teen Trio
  • Put on a Happy Face .... Albert and Two Sad Girls
  • Normal American Boy .... Rose, Albert and Company
  • One Boy .... Kim, Deborah Sue and Alice
  • One Boy (Reprise) .... Rose
  • Honestly Sincere .... Conrad and Townspeople
  • Hymn for a Sunday Evening .... Mr. MacAfee, Mrs. McAffee, Kim, Randolph and Neighbors
  • Ballet: How to Kill a Man .... Rose, Albert and Company
  • One Last Kiss .... Conrad and Company

Act Two

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  • Prologue: The World at Large
  • What Did I Ever See in Him? .... Rose with Kim
  • A Lot of Livin' to Do .... Conrad, Kim and Teenagers
  • Kids .... Mr. MacAfee and Mrs. MacAfee
  • Baby, Talk to Me .... Albert and Quartet
  • Shriners' Ballet .... Rose and Shriners
  • Kids (Reprise) .... Mr. MacAfee, Mrs. McAffee, Randolph and Townspeople
  • Spanish Rose .... Rose
  • Rosie .... Albert and Rose

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Trivia & History

The production started playing Sunday matinees on April 9, 1961, which was also the day on which Gene Rayburn and Gretchen Wyler took over the roles of Albert and Rose.

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