The Boys From Syracuse

Original Broadway Production (1938)

Trivia & History

On our page of credits for this production, we list Maurice de Packh, Hilding Anderson, Walter Paul and Menotti Salta as having  contributed, uncredited, to the orchestrations. This information comes from Steven Suskin's book The Sound of Broadway Music. 

Hugh Martin was credited in the playbill with having done the vocal arrangement for "Sing for Your Supper." He may have worked on other vocal arrangements for the production as well.

Buddy Douglas played Little Antipholus in the "Big Brother" ballet and it seems he did not appear elsewhere in the show. He was not listed in the playbill's cast list. His name (and character) appeared in the playbill only in the list of musical numbers. We have included him in the cast list at the very end.

The closing after 235 performances was attributed in part to the World's Fair in Queens drawing away potential customers for Broadway shows. It was said to have had a terrible effect on the box offices of shows then running on Broadway, and a large number of shows closed while it was open.

Two months earlier, in April, when the Fair opened, it had reduced its ticket prices, as had a number of other Broadway shows, in hopes of attracting visitors in town for the Fair, apparently to insufficient effect.

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