Bonanza Bound

Closed on the road (1947)

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Waldo Cruikshank
Peter Fleet
Leonardo Di Vinci
Toodles Da Vinci
Belinda Da Vinci
Gambling Dancer
Chokkilok's Wife
First Prospector

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Main Program

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  • Little Fish
  • The Vein of Gold
  • Mush! Mush!
  • No Mind of Your Own
  • Tell Me Why
  • Fill 'Er Up
  • The Versatile Da Vinci's
  • Misunderstood
  • Up in Smoke
  • Bonanza
  • Gambling Dance
  • Wind
  • Totem Dance
  • Cruikshank March
  • Somewhere in the Snow
  • True
  • Spring
  • This Was Meant to Be
  • Waltz
  • Inspiration

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Trivia & History

Some sources incorrectly report that the production opened in Philadelphia on December 26, 1947. That date had been announced, but shortly before the first performance was to occur, the opening was postponed by one day to December 27.

The production was to have played in Philadelphia through January 10, 1948, but it closed there a week early. After Philadelphia, it was to have moved to Boston, with an opening there announced for January 12. January 29 had been announced as the opening date on Broadway. As there was a booking jam on Broadway at the time, no theatre had yet been booked.

It was announced that the show would be back soon, after some rewriting and recasting, but it never did come back.

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