Belle Starr

Original London Production (1969)

Trivia & History

The show was originally titled The Piecefull Palace, and that's the title under which it opened its Glasgow tryout, although it was announced that the title would be change to Belle Starr for London.

The London production was meant to be a tryout for a Broadway production. With the failure of the London production, the Broadway plans were cancelled.

In the edition dated May 21, 1969, Variety stated that the production had closed on May 17 after 21 performances. An article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times on May 13 stated that the production had closed the previous Saturday (May 10). Ads in the daily ABCs in the Guardian suggest that the production did run through May 17, but an article that appeared in the Las Vegas Sun on May 14 stated that the show had already closed and said that it had played 17 performances. Adrian Wright's book West End Broadway: The Golden Age of the American Musical in London lists no closing date but says it played 12 performances.


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