The Beast in Me

Original Broadway Production (1963)

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Act One

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  • Percussion .... Entire Company
  • So Beautiful .... Kaye Ballard and Richard Hayes
  • You're Delicious .... Allyn Ann McLerie and Bert Convy
  • J'Ai .... Allyn Ann McLerie and James Costigan
  • I Owe Ohio .... Entire Company
  • Go, Go, Go! .... Bert Convy
  • Breakfast .... Kaye Ballard and James Costigan
  • Eat Your Nice Lily, Unicorn .... James Costigan and Richard Hayes
  • Bacchanale .... Entire Company

Act Two

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  • Glorious Cheese .... Entire Company
  • Calypso Kitty .... James Costigan
  • Why? .... Kaye Ballard and Bert Convy
  • What Do You Say? .... James Costigan and Nancy Haywood
  • When I'm Alone .... Kaye Ballard and Bert Convy
  • Hallelujah .... Kaye Ballard and Entire Company

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Trivia & History

The list of musical numbers in the opening night playbill did not list performers for the numbers, but the list in The Best Plays of 1962-1963 did list performers. In our list of musical numbers on the main page for the production, we include the additional information from Best Plays, although it may have come from a playbill listing from the production's preview period and not have been entirely accurate by opening.

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