Aspects of Love

Original London Production (1989)

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Cast Highlights

Rose Vibert, an actress...
Alex Dillingham, a young Englishman...
George Dillingham, Alex's uncle, an English painter...
Giuletta Trapani, an Italian sculptress...
Marcel Richard, an actor manager...
Jenny Dillingham, daughter of Rose & George...
Elizabeth, George's housekeeper...
Hugo le Meunier, Rose's admirer...
a circus Chanteuse...

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Musical Numbers

  • Act One

  • Love Changes Everything .... Alex
  • Parlez-vous Francais? .... Rose, Alex and Ensemble
  • Seeing Is Believing .... Alex and Rose
  • Memory of a Happy Moment, A .... George and Giullietta
  • Chanson d'Enfance .... Rose
  • Everybody Loves a Hero .... Barkers and Ensemble
  • She'd Be Far Better Off with You .... Alex, George, Rose and Elizabeth
  • Stop. Wait. Please. .... Giulietta, George and Ensemble

  • Act Two

  • Leading Lady .... Marcel and Ensemble
  • Other Pleasures .... George
  • There Is More to Love .... Giulietta and Rose
  • Mermaid Song .... Jenny and Alex
  • First Man You Remember, The .... George and Jenny
  • Journey of a Lifetime, The .... Company
  • Falling .... George, Rose, Alex and Jenny
  • Hand Me the Wine and the Dice .... Giulietta and Ensemble
  • Anything But Lonely .... Rose

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Trivia & History

Bernadette Peters and Frances Ruffelle were both early contenders for Rose.

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Production Info

PREVIEWS: unknown
OPENING: April 17, 1989
CLOSING: June 20, 1992
LENGTH OF RUN: 1325 perf.
RUN TYPE: Open-ended

Location Info

MARKET: West End
LOCATION: London, England


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