Annie Get Your Gun

Original Broadway Production (1946)

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Cast Highlights

Charlie Davenport
Dolly Tate
Winnie Tate
Tommy Keeler
Frank Butler
Annie Oakley
Col. Wm. F. Cody <i>(Buffalo Bill)</i>
Major Gordon Lillie <i>(Pawnee Bill)</i>
Chief Sitting Bull
The Wild Horse <i>(Ceremonial Dancer)</i>

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Buffalo Bill .... Charlie and Ensemble
  • I'm a Bad, Bad Man .... Frank and Girls (Danced by Duncan Noble, WIlliam Weslow, Parker WIlson and Ensemble)
  • Doin' What Comes Natur'lly .... Annie, Sisters, Brother and Foster Wilson
  • The Girl That I Marry .... Frank
  • You Can't Get a Man with a Gun .... Annie
  • Show Business .... Buffalo Bill, Charlie, Frank and Annie
  • They Say It's Wonderful .... Frank and Annie
  • Moonshine Lullaby .... Annie and Moonshine Trio
  • I'll Share It All with You .... Winnie and Tommy
  • Ballyhoo .... Danced by Riding Mistress and Show People
  • Show Business (Reprise) .... Annie
  • My Defenses Are Down .... Frank and Boys
  • Wild Horse Ceremonial Dance .... The Wild Horse, Braves and Maidens
  • I'm an Indian Too .... Annie
  • Adoption Dance .... Annie, The Wild Horse and Braves

Act Two

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  • Lost in His Arms .... Annie and Ensemble
  • Who Do You Love, I Hope? .... Winnie and Tommy
  • Sun in the Morning .... Annie and Ensemble (Danced by Roudenko, Nagrin and Show People)
  • They Say It's Wonderful (Reprise) .... Annie and Frank
  • The Girl That I Marry (Reprise) .... Frank
  • Anything You Can Do .... Annie and Frank
  • Show Business (Finale) .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Although Twentieth Century Fox invested $300,000 (the full production cost) in the production, the studio did not make the film version. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer paid $650,000 (a record-high film sale at the time) to buy the film rights.

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